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Simplification of Pune Municipal Corporation Budget for Year 2021-22

Project Details

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), for the year 2021-22, has presented a budget of Rs. 8,370 crores. It will be used to cater to the basic civic needs of over 4 million people for the next financial year. 

Usually, local budgets of municipal corporations do not get as much attention as those of state governments and the central government. But considering the size of the PMC budget and the reach of its impact, it deserves more attention, analysis, and scrutiny.

Keeping this in mind, we have tried to decode the municipal budget and present it in a simpler format. It will give a clear picture of how the public money shall be raised, and also of how this money shall be spent.

Analysis of Pune Municipal Corporation Budget for the year 2021-22 is comprised of following pointers: 

  • City wise comparison

  • Five years PMC Budget Comparison 

  • Review of Revenue expenditure and capital expenditure

  • Ward wise analysis of the capital expenditure budget: Which parts of the city are going to get more funds? 

  • Department wise (Health, education etc.) analysis of the budget: What are the priorities of our municipal corporation? 

  • Decoding new schemes, policies presented in the budget.

The team worked for this project

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